Members holding candles and garbed in various shades of shawl and stole silently marched inside the sanctuary on Thursday, April 21, 2011 and partook of the Seder Meal and Holy Communion led by the Pastors and the Elders of the church. Pastor Hernani spoke of “brokenness” as a metaphor for victory–the victory of Jesus Christ over death.


The members of the Centennial Committee.

Engr. Boy Ursos, chairperson of the Centennial Committee, distributed the updated schedule of activities for the Centennial Celebration in October 2008. Click for more info.

Lighthouse of Prayer Ministry (LOPM) is spearheading the “100 days of prayer” project. One hundred families of the church are selected to lead family prayers on each of the 100 days, until October 26, 2008. Sister Winda S. Casiano, Chairperson of the Ministry, explained that the family prayer teams will be guided by the following themes:

“United in Christ, a Century of Prayer” – which will emphasize the family of God vis-a-vis the Church, and this includes relationships in the family, individual member encounter with Jesus Christ, and that every UCCP home is our offering to the Lord in the centennial year of the Church.

“United in Christ, a Century of Praise” – where all members of the Church will experience transformation in Jesus Christ, from their old selves to the new, i.e., actively participate in all mission work of the Church.

“United in Christ, a Century of Preaching” – which will highlight growing in faith towards renewed spirituality and maturity, i.e., every action and word of each member in the Body of Christ is consistent with the Good News being proclaimed by the Church.

“United in Christ, a Century of Ministry” – this theme will emphasize education and leadership, where each family is united in learning together and serving the people of God, in visiting those who in need, and in living together in obedience, holiness and power of God.

“United in Christ, a Century of Mission and Evangelism” – highlights the building of bridges among communities, the sharing of the Gospel to everyone, the promotion of zonal Bible studies, and the work of planting churches.

“United in Christ, a Century of Stewardship” – seeks to enhance the participation of members in the stewardship program of the Church, i.e., through increased giving for the various ministries of the Church,  for wider mission support, and for the church building project.

“United in Christ, a Centry of Ecumenical Relation” – this will highlight interfaith dialogue, healing and reconciliation, and church partnership relations within and abroad, such as the Indonesian faith community, NCCP churches in Davao City, the South Eastern Mindanao Regional Ecumenical Council (SEMREC), Davao City Ministerial Fellowship (DCMF), Children’s Ministry Network, A’immah-Pastors-Priests-Fellowship (APPF).

Everyone are encouraged to get in touch with the Church Office: 2212318, 2273033, 3002452, 3006035 (fax), or though the church’s email address: uccp_davao@yahoo.com or its website: http://www.uccpdavao.wordpress.com, so that you can participate effectively in this LOPM project.

Church members led by Pastors Mar, Wencyl, Jay and Jacky braved the morning hours of July 18, 2008 to begin the countdown of the Centennial celebration of UCCP Davao City with a Torch Parade. After assembling in church, the group moved out towards Bolton Street and onto the intersection of San Pedro and “Crooked Road”, right in front of City Hall, where a small lamp (lamparilla) was lighted symbolizing the early beginnings of mission activities initiated by Rev. Robert Black of the Congregational Mission. The site is the general location of the first structure built sometime in 1912. After a brief prayer, the congregation walked back to church where the Centennial Torch was lighted. The event closed with a fellowship circle, with the members lighting their own candles from the Torch symbolizing the sharing of “The Light” to succeeding generations of members.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Using the main floor of the new church sanctuary as venue, church member bid farewell to Pastor Oliver Paraiso and Pastor Iris Herceda-Tibus. More than 200 members attended. Check out this tribute to the outgoing pastors.

Also feted were the incoming pastors composed of Pastor Mar Apilado as Executive Pastor, and Pastors Wenzyl V. Dejolde, Jay C. Yebes, and Jacky P. Dizon as Associate Pastors.